Julian Steckel Cello

Julian Steckel Cello


— January 18, 2022

New beginnings

Happy New Year to all! Since I’ve been isolated at home due to a positive Corona test, I’m finally getting around to updating this wonderful website. So keep your fingers crossed that a few more of the planned concerts will happen this year!
Also, I can make good use of the time to pack – after living in Berlin for almost 20 years and bravely commuting first to Rostock, then to Munich, I’m giving up the eternal sitting on the train and will be able to cycle to uni in future. Hello Bavaria, hello functioning airport, hello beer gardens, mountains and lakes, and goodbye, you exhausting and chaotic, never sleeping city! See you around.

About Julian Steckel

“As an interpreter, I’ve started trusting my inner life more and letting the audience in. It’s a kind of vulnerability that makes you stronger.”

Written music is potential energy that a performer must unleash. Audiences can tell if a musician really feels that energy, or if their expression is second-hand. When Julian plays, he is sharing something fragile and alive.

Upcoming concerts

28 Aug 2022 — 11:00 am
Büsingen, CH Bergkirche

Music by Berio, Dutilleux, Halffter, Paganini, Tschaikowsky
With Thomas Demenga, Patrick Demenga and Christian Poltéra

31 Aug 2022 — 7:00 pm
Füssen Barocksaal

Johannes Brahms: String Sextett B Major op. 18
With Leonkoro- Quartet and Karin Wolf

3 Sep 2022 — 7:00 pm
Füssen Barocksaal

Franz Schubert: Piano Trio B Major op. 99, “Arpeggione“ Sonata D 821
With Lena Neudauer and Matthias Kirschnereit